• Documents Needed for Loan Applications

    Documents Needed for All Loan Applications.png

                 Normally Required for Most Borrowers:                          Documents which may be required:                                                                                                                                                                                            

    • Copies of all W2’s/1099’s for last 2 years.                             Previous bankruptcy, need copies of
    • Copies of tax returns (all pages) for last 2                             petition for bankruptcy and discharge,                                                                                       years.                                                                                             including supporting schedule.
    • Copies of paycheck stubs for last 60 days                              Divorce decree if applicable.                                                                                                 Documentation supporting monies (most current).
    • Copies of checking and savings account                                  received from social security/statements for last 2 months (all pages).                                 retirement trust income (awards
    • Copies of quarterly or semi-annual                                          letter). statements for checking, savings, IRA’s,                                                                                               CD’s, money market funds, 401K, Profit                                                                                          Sharing, etc…
    • Copy of Sales Contract when executed.                                   Documents Needed for FHA/VA
    • Employment history for last 2 years                                        Copy of social security card for each                                                                                                                       (address any gaps in employment).                                           applicant and co-applicant.
    • Residency history for the last 2 years.                                    VA- copy of DD214.
    • Copy of earnest money check after the                                  VA- Name and address of nearest                                                                                              check clears the bank.                                                                 living relative.
    • Any assets used for down payment,                                                                                                 closing costs and cash reserves must                                                                                                      be documented by a paper trail.
    • Refinance- Copies of survey, taxes,                                                                                                  current mortgage statement, and                                                                                                 insurance declarations page.
    • If mortgage has been paid off in                                                                                                            the last 2 years, need copies of HUD1.
    • Copy of drivers license for each applicant.

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